Carnegie Mellon University

Graduate Education at Carnegie Mellon

Carnegie Mellon is a research university with a proud heritage of outstanding graduate and undergraduate education. Our programs are ranked among the top in the country. All of our seven colleges and schools offer Master's and Doctoral degrees and several offer programs at locations around the world.

A cornerstone of our graduate education has been research with a focus on advancing knowledge and finding meaningful solutions to significant problems of society. This real-world, hands-on approach has made Carnegie Mellon home to excellent faculty and students in engineering, computer science, the natural sciences, humanities and social sciences, business administration and the fine arts.
This philosophy has also been the basis for interdisciplinary study and research to an extent that is rarely found elsewhere. Carnegie Mellon houses a myriad of interdisciplinary research facilities that combine expertise in diverse fields to produce exciting new areas of exploration.

Our commitment to diversity in our research and in our student population truly makes Carnegie Mellon a unique place to carry out your graduate education. Support for our graduate students and respect for diversity begins with recruitment and continues through our many retention programs. Whether students are looking for professional development opportunities or funding for conference attendance or GuSH (small project), Carnegie Mellon provides people, programs and resources for our students to succeed.

We invite you to explore the many facets of graduate study at Carnegie Mellon through this website and the departmental and program websites identified in the Guide to Graduate Degrees and Programs. Each program manages their own graduate admissions process, so if you have questions, please contact the departments you are interested in directly.

Thank you,
Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs